Mental health

ADHD and its growing concern

do you find your child hyperactive and impulsive , then this is something you should read about . According to ‘Psychology Today’ ADHD is defined as -“Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by a combination of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior.”
This disorder is predominantly characterized of a short attention span, impulsivity as well as hyperactivity, which normally is observed in kids before the age of seven and is more common among boys than girls. ADHD is not very easy to distinguish from a “normal” child’s behavior hence its necessary for parents to be attentive and observant of their children although ADHD signs and symptoms differ from a range of being hyperactive to a silent day dreamer. It is often untreated due to people misunderstanding and inappropriately labeling the child from the time of school which can lead to the disorder being carried out to adulthood. Usually in these sort of cases the child is more susceptible to drug abuse and Treating ADHD is not primarily concerned with taking medication but also includes nutritional meals, daily exercises,healthy play routines and developing social skills which can bring about a great progress. ADHD during late adolescence and early adulthood tends to be associated with significant impairment in multiple fields. For example, in a cross sectional study of young adults who had ADHD and matched control ages ( average of 24 year olds) found significant amount of differences such as those with ADHD tended to have fewer years of education, were less likely to be attending full-time university, had lower grade point averages, and had lower personal incomes despite comparable IQ and similar socioeconomic backgrounds.
ADHD is one of the most growing concerns in children these days hence is important to get to know your child better, have a communicative relationship and educate as well involve yourself with your child.

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