Breastmilk : why it should be the option

forgot why breastmilk was considered the best for your baby’s health , we will remind you

  • obesity

Breastfed babies put necessary balances and checks on the amount of milk they consume assisted duly by variation in fat level during feeding session.

  • Better teeth

Babies fed on human milk possess better jaw alignment and can do without any orthodontic work in their adulthood. The sucking action required to draw the milk involves complex motions of the tongue and facial muscles. This plays a vital role in proper development and framing of facial muscles and palate shape.

  • Lowering risk of heart ailments:

Feeding on human milk makes infant less vulnerable to the risk of strokes and heart attacks in their adulthood. This can be partly attributed to higher cholesterol levels in human milk which teaches the liver to better metabolize cholesterol content throughout the life. Babies not fed on human milk may have higher probability of developing arterosclerotic plaques.

  • Reduced risk of juvenile diabetes:

Human milk makes child less susceptible to contracting type 1 diabetes mellitus. The held up introduction to cow milk in human milk fed babies is major contributor to this. Breastfed babies see lesser insulin release which comes in handy if the infant has a family history of diabetes.

  • Lesser risk of multiple sclerosis:

Myelin breakdown can lead to degenerative muscle disease called Multiple sclerosis in adults. Breast milk enhances formation of adequate amount of myelin which safeguards the body from running the risk of getting struck by this disease in later childhood.

  • Lesser risk of developing asthma and allergy:

Human milk contains immune components that safeguard babies from any allergen attacks in the early stages of life. Human milk continuation delays the exposure of babies to diet containing potentially allergenic foods like soy protein and cow milk until the immune system gets sufficiently strong and mature. This results in suppressing up of any allergic symptoms from surfacing in breastfed babies

  • Prevents other diseases:

Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis sort of digestive diseases along with chances of developing childhood cancers are kept at bay in breastfed babies



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