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Go to centers for autistic care

here are few of the most trusted autistic care centers and special school across Bangalore

Apoorva Center For Autism

ASHA – Academy For Severe Handicaps and Autism.

Bubbles Centre for Autism
Autism Society of India.

Asha Integrated School.

Sunshine Autism Trust.

Shristi Special Academy School.

Asha Kiran Special Needs School.

Special Education School
EDventure Academy.

Bethany Special School.

10-Special Education School.

11-The Spastics Society of Karnataka.

12-Non-Governmental Organization ยท

13-Deepika Special needs School.

14-J S S Sahana Integrated & Special School
Special Education School.

15-Perseverance Autism School.

16-Stepping Stones School.

17-Akshdha Foundation.
Special Education School.

18-Playstreet Special needs school.

19-Bethany Special School & Vocational Training Centre.


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