Mental health

Social Media and Mental Health

In today’s world social media has become an important aspect of an individual’s life. No individual can imagine their life without social media. This is seen more in the younger generations. When these youngsters do not get access to social media they do not what to do with themselves, they have no idea how to spend their time and find everything other than social media uninteresting and boring.

People find it easier and better to communicate with one another via social media than having a face-to-face conversation. They believe that when you communicate through social media if there is a lull in the conversation one can just log off or ignore the person completely but this is not possible while having a face-to-face conversation where one is forced to plaster a smile on the face even if they are bored, irritated and there is nothing to talk about.

Social media has completely changed the way we live our lives and also the way we view the world. Research has found that positive interactions, social support, and social connectedness on social networking sites were consistently related to lower levels of depression and anxiety among individuals but negative interaction led to higher levels of depression and anxiety.

The mental health of an individual can also be effected due to cyber bullying via social media. Cyber bullying has increased a lot more over the past few years. With the increase in cyber bullying cases there is also an increase in the number of suicide due to cyber bullying. A lot of people cannot handle the bullying, they believe that there is no point in talking to somebody about it because they won’t be able to understand the situation and help the victim, thus seeing no other way out a lot of victims of cyber bullying decide to take their own lives.

Another affect social media can have on an individual is lowering one’s self image and confidence. They constantly try to get the approval of others. Many people without realising it tend to compare themselves with other people on social media. They believe that the other person is perfect and start to find faults within themselves. This ruins the self-image they had of themselves and they no longer believe in themselves, they feel that there are too many problems or defects with them. This in turn demolishes any self-confidence the person had or has left in themselves which can later lead to problems like depression.

People on various social media websites are in constant competition with other people on the site to get the most number of views or likes, this constant competition to be the best only stresses the person out, which finally leads to them breaking down. This constant stress to be the best can have a serious negative impact on the mental health of an individual if it is not taken care of or treated soon before it is too late to do anything.

On the other hand, social media can also have a positive impact on a person. With various support groups operating online, an individual can always turn to these support groups online to get help. With the help from these groups, the individual starts to believe in oneself again and begins to have a positive outlook towards life again.



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