Teen Space

Teen Problems

Teenage is a time of extreme emotional exertion and tbus, it is the time during which everything seems to be blown out of proportion. It is a delicate marriage of adulthood and childhood that leaves one absolutely confused. This confusion leaves people vulnerable. For most people, teenage is the time of intensive physical and mental changes and therefore, for the most part of it, challenges. Teenage is also the time when we are thriving in terms of our intelligence, physical abilities and a general capability to succeed. This is the time during which we are making a lot of decisions, be it regarding our vocation or anything else and therefore, it is a period of stress. Self esteem is a delicate topic to talk of in the context of teenage. A healthy sense of self might promote an individual to be a go getter during this phase of life whereas a detrimental attitude towards oneself leaves the individual frustrated. Not feeling good enough accounts for low self esteem and a feeling that life is falling apart as we have seen many teenagers describe their lives. Self esteem issues are tied to body image issues. When one is not comfortable in their own skin, they tend to beat themselves up about it. This aids in the deterioration of self esteem. Low self esteem is also often associated with  mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. A crippling sense of self along with an existing mental health condition is not a pretty thing to deal with especially so early on in life, in teenage. Although mental illnesses are not caused solely by low self esteem, it is a very strong contributing factor. It is often noticed that individuals who cannot stand up for themselves get picked on and are humiliated easily. Self confidence is thus a very important tool to combat something like bullying or gaslighting. Cyberbullying is also on the rise these days. 

The stress to make the right decision regarding career will also be facing a teenager in the face. The choice may create room for comparison between people,which is again, stressful. Teens might take to smoking or drinking to fight stress. 

Teens develop values and opinions that might differ from those of their parents. This might cause conflict at home. This too can produce a plethora of emotions in teenagers since it makes them feel like they are not understood. This gap in communication may also restrain the teenager from talking to their parents about their mental health. We share our troubles with other people in order to obtain some positive regard or validation. When we don’t get what we’re looking for from them, we tend to assume that we are not deserving of their attention. This is a strong enough stimulus to cause some tumult in a teenager’s brain. 

Teenagers are likely to get experimental with their bodies, and sexualities. It is a common occurring that any sort of instability in these aspects of their life could possibly disturb them. 

A large number of teens are turning to extreme steps like suicide because the problems they face are too big for them to deal with them alone. This is why we have to evaluate our society as a whole. How may times have we brushed off a teenager’s ideas or arguments, dismissing them off as trivial? How many times have we told our teenagers that their mental illness is not really an illness and asked them to get over it? How many times have we ridiculed a teenager’s suicide as cowardice? For everytime we have thus displayed apathy towards our teenagers’ wellbeing, we have trivialised not only their struggle but also their strength and this is in dire need if change. It is our responsibility as a society to treat everyone well and more so with teenagers who are already so vulnerable. 


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