Mental health

Do you value yourself ? Self-Esteem and questioning the self

Self esteem as the dictionary defines is, “how one values oneself.” It is how we perceive the world and consider our worth as human beings. It is how valuable and important you think you are. It determines our satisfaction and happiness in life and makes us realize what our goal is in life. It effects how we carry on with life and hence it is important for everyone to develop a healthy self esteem.

It is difficult to develop a good self esteem or maintain it. It changes with the situation we are in or with how we think. Even if we want to maintain a strong front, sometimes the difficulties of life and the environment wins over and can make us feel low. Over times, having a lot of negative emotions can lower our self esteem.

Self esteem is determinant of your personality. When you like yourself and respect yourself, the more confident you become and realize your potentials. Hence you tend to perform better and excel in respective areas in your life. Having a good self esteem will make you approach things in a positive way. It can turn the ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’. It gives you the strength to persevere.

How you value yourself is the source of your mental health. Having a low self esteem can deprive you of your happiness.  People tend to look at the world as a hostile place and victimize themselves. As a result prevent you from making use of the experiences and opportunities given and will make you feel cut away from the world.  Self esteem is reflected on how you interact with the world. How you see yourself has a huge impact on the rest of the world sees you. Feeling confident and being content in your own skin is likely to help you succeed.

Our society focuses on having too much self esteem. The competitive world tell us in order to feel special you must always be on the top. We end up comparing ourselves to others. We must stop comparing and evaluation ourselves with others. We all have a ‘critical inner voice’ in us which looks at everything critically. It compares ourselves with others and always put us down by pointing our weakness and failure. Challenge that voice and prove you are stronger.


Stop basing your self esteem on external sources like achievements and appearance or others approval). People who base their worth on external sources tend to experience stress, anger, conflict etc more than people who base their self worth with internal factors.  The latter often performs better in life.


We must view mistakes as opportunities for learning. Accept your mistakes and work on it rather than pondering over and already declaring yourself useless beforehand. Aim for effort rather than perfection. Failing to reach that perfection can lower one’s opinion of themselves. We are humans and everyone makes mistakes. Hence learn from it.

Remove the negativity in life. These negative emotions are the reason for pulling you that. So cut them off your life. Anything or anyone that makes you feel negative about yourself or makes you feel inferior needs to go. It can be tiring mentally, physically and emotionally. Penting up too many negative emotions can cause a person to resort to unhealthy actions like self harm, suicide or harming others.


Remind yourself that everyone excels at different things. Focus on what you do well and work hard in it and excel in that respective field. Count your strengths. Have a goal in life, realize it and work towards it with all your capabilities. Achieving them can increase your self esteem and you may feel satisfied.
The development of a healthy self esteem is the foundation of your life. It is important as it has an impact on the way you live and the choices you make. It is important to remind yourself even if things in life aren’t going your way. Count your strengths.  Have a purpose in life, realize it and work towards it. Think positively and act positively. You are unique.

selfesteemimage special, valued and loved. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves


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